I've invested thousands into this project.  This car is better built than new - significatly.  However, I'm forced by the changing economy and a more mobile lifestyle to sell the car before completion.  The parts from England total between four and six thousand dollars.  The driveline is worth more than I want to think about.  The paint and body work was almost six thousand with a deep discount.  There are still hundreds of dollars of new parts in boxes with the car.

I'm asking $8,500.00 for everything.  I sincerely want to see it go to someone who will love and enjoy this vehicle.  The price is dramatically below the investment.  

You will be impressed when you see this bright yellow car.  There isn't another one like it in the world.  There will never be another.

I'm not seeking to trade for anything, but let me know what you have, I might consider it.

One last thought - I have three clear titles.  1975, 1976, and 1979, each with VIN plates to match.  I'm not clear which one the best match to the car body.  But, you have the freedom to title it any way you want.

Thanks for looking.